My interest in the family tree is about a much larger network of people that stems from the forbes siblings, the children of Alexander Forbes and Jane Thomas and The Scott Family. I would like to create a Forbes and Scott community where all the descendants of Alexander Forbes and James Scott can come together to share information, photographs and events of this amazing family. The search for family members has got me communicating with people in Scotland, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the USA and it has given family members an opportunity to reunite and communicate with each other. Please send this web site to any one that you know, that are descendants of the Forbes and Scott siblings as well as the other connections to my grandparents on my dad's and my mom's family.


Dot Scott has published a book 'Girl in a Blue Bonnet' which is now available from Crink of Pretoria (H/O in Cape Town).  It is a wonderfull book outlining the life of Daisy Quaterman and her work in the Salvation army in South Africa with her husband Walter Scott. He is one of the son's of James Scott and Annie Forbes. It describes life in South Africa at that time and gives us insight into the hardships of the Anglo Boer war!! If you would like to order a copy of that book please go to http://www.crink.co.za. It is R90 plus delivery fee




Douglas James Bradshaw was the son Of James Harold Scott and Eileen Iris Ireland. They both died in 1934 when he was just 4 years old and his older sister Cynthia and himself were taken in by his granny Annabella Bradshaw who had divorced James Guthrie Ireland and had remarried a John Harry Bingham Bradshaw. In 1935 Douglas and Cynthia's Surname was changed from Scott to Bradshaw.

Walter Giddy was born at Barkly East, Cape Province, South Africa, in 1895. He was the third son of Henry Richard Giddy and Catherine Octavia Dicks/Giddy. Walter was schooled at Dale's College in King Williamstown. He volunteered, together with friends, for overseas military service in 1915. He served in the 2nd S.A. Infantry Regiment. Having survived the battle of Delville Wood, he was killed by shrapnel on the 12th April 1917 near Fampoux. Walter Giddy is commemorated by a Special Memorial in Point du Jour Military Cemetery, Athies. His diary was copied by his younger sister Kate Muriel Giddy/Morris. Wesley Coleman Scott and John Forbes also fought in Delville wood. Extracts from the diary can be found here;


Jane Thomas was born in Sommerset, England in 1904. She arrived in SOuth Africa in 1820 in the  Southey's Party on the ship Kennersley Castle with her parents James Thomas and Mary Laskey. She married Alexander Forbes and had 6 children 4 daughters and 2 sons. After the untimely death of Alexander Forbes on their farm in Waaiplaats in 1934 she married Francis Eliot Simes.

Shikry Sassin, my great grandfather on my mother's side, was born in 1868 in Zahle, Mount Lebanon, which was in Syria at that time. He first travelled to Australia for 3 years before settling in the Cape. He owned the Clifton Beach Hotel in the early 1900's before moving up to Vryburg, Tweespruit  and Koffiefontein. He eventually moved to Durban where he celebrated his 80th birthday.

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